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Random facts about Heather

  1. I’m known as the hypnosis specialist
  2. I have been a vegetarian my whole life
  3. I laugh so much every day with my Husband
  4. Why have I never done a Stage hypnosis show? I don’t have enough jokes, lol
  5. I started Kung Fu training at the age of 4
  6. I taught Kung fu for 34 years
  7. Yoga teacher & cert 3 in fitness
  8. I was born in Northern Ireland. I’m half Scottish & half Irish.
  9. My hobby is learning & to study anything new
  10. I Love to practice Frequency Healing every day.

Hello! I’m Heather your affordable Hypnosis Specialist

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

Hi, I’m Heather, Clinical Hypnotherapist. I got my Hypnotherapy Diploma in the UK. I have Advanced Stage Hypnotherapy from the USA making me a hypnosis specialist.

I also did all my first lot of training & certificates in Australia from a great school located in Sydney, the Life Coaching College I did NLP Practitioner, Life coach, and Matrix therapist. As well as the Advanced Hypnotherapy.

But Why do I ONLY do Hypnosis now? I find it gets instant results & I have a massive passion for Hypnosis that I know I get excellent results! So far, I have stopped over 2252 people from smoking so far.  I run a full-time Hypnotherapy clinic in the Camden area, known as “Hypnosis 4U.”

I have hypnotized thousands of people from all walks of life, from bikers to doctors, for various problems they’ve been experiencing. That’s the best part of what I do, getting to meet all these fantastic people.

What did I do before I was a Hypnotherapist?  I used to run a Martial Arts school at night teaching Kung Fu, Wu-Shu (Military arts) & Taichi  & Yoga, with my son Jack. It was then that I realized it was not people’s body letting them down; it was there mind. I believe that once your mind is healthy, you can achieve anything in life.  Since I was 16, I always wanted to run a Kung Fu school & be a Hypnotherapist.

My parents are both Hypnotherapist & both Kung fu teachers. My Dad, Henry, is my Kung Fu teacher & mentor for Hypnosis specialist &  he passed his knowledge down to me.  I have always wanted a life of helping people be the very best that they can be. I have fun every day with my amazing Husband.


Well for a person who smoked for 44years I am so wrapped that one session with Heather could stop me from smoking I am so happy my grandaughter stayed with me this holiday she was so proud of me I was so please to I went to Physio for my treatment Dani was so excited she said you smell so good as well she didn’t think I have done it so quick
I just feel so proud of myself from one session that I accomplished so much
I feel so sad for my doctor as he said what do you have for a back up plan I said drink plenty of water two walks a day eat healthy as I do what more can I do
I have no regrets going to Heather she is a hypnosis specialist and the best thing I have ever done in my life and you know what in 7 days I have saved $170.00
Thankyou my life time Friend
Kind Regards
Maylene Pes x x x

Mayleane Res

Have been a non smoker for 6 days (and will be for the rest of my life!!) after seeing Heather. My husband also came with me and was not to sure of the process but opened his mind and cannot believe how great he is doing – Heather made the process comfortable and put me at ease and is supportive before , during and after the process .
I have been around other smokers in the last 6 days and am surprised that I have not even had one craving – to me that is success in itself as any previous times of attempting to quit I would want one as soon as I saw someone with a smoke. All my sons are so proud of me with my 8 year old even commenting how I smell beautiful now instead of like smoke. I have recommended you to friends of mine ready to start a new positive chapter in their lives thank you Heather x

Krystal Carter

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